Michael Callaghan

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My photography emerges from a life-long passion for the art of making the moment stand still, coupled with a career in advertising and marketing.  With my projects I seek to exhibit the fleeting control the photographer exerts over his subject to arrest movement through time and with light.  Mine is a lifelong study of what draws the human eye and keeps our attention.

 Born in London, England, and raised in North Vancouver, I studied marketing in Australia and have traveled widely in Asia, North and South America, as well as Morocco.  An active yachtsman, I find inspiration in the contrasts afforded by the West Coast “sea to sky” urban environment.  My photos focus the viewer deliberately, emphasizing the interplay of light and shadow, and reflecting the moody intensity of cool seascapes, the extravagance of wild cloud formations, as well as the often abrupt interaction of urban life with the natural environment.

Like the jazz I love, my images capture the syncopated rhythm of life through art.

When not pursuing  fine Photographic Manoeuvres commissions – typically Indian Weddings , portraiture, corporate and advertising assignments – round out my remunerative work.