Photographic Manoeuvres


Shayla & Jesse Portrait Photography Testimonial

Photographic Manoeuvres-3473.jpg

“Working with Michael at Photographic Manoeuvres was an overall great experience. He really took his time, the photos were not rushed and we got to do lots of great poses. He took quite a few photos so we had different angles, poses, and some candid photos to choose from for the final edits.

I really enjoyed how there was no time limit. Having the freedom to get as many photos as we could, really stood out for us vs. a timed session that most photographers go by. Michael was super easy to work with. Not being overly comfortable in front of the camera, Michael was able to make us feel comfortable and break us out of our shell. We are extremely happy with how the photos have turned out and definitely will be using him again in the future and recommend him for anyone looking to have amazing photos done!”

Michael Callaghan