Photographic Manoeuvres

Church/Celebrant Weddings

For your special day, capture images that last a lifetime. Whether you are getting married in a park, or in a church, I am with you from sunrise to past sunset capturing every moment, big and small. You will have the memories that last a lifetime.

Don’t wait forever for your images, I’ll be sure to have your fully edited images in your hands within only five days of your wedding day! Contact me here for a no obligation proposal. I look forward to getting to know you.

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Photographic Manoeuvres-69630.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-69705.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-69839.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-69887.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-86896.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-87016.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-86969.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-87069.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-85249.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-3473.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-61140.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-61104.jpg
Photographic Manoeuvres-61210.jpg
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Photographic Manoeuvres-61532.jpg
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